Technical Museum

The exhibition in the castle riding hall is dedicated to World War 2, especially to the aerial battles over Czech territory, from 1940 till 1945.
All common types of aircrafts, from both sides that fought above the north bohemian territory, are presented.
The exhibition is dedicated to the crews.
Thanks to the cooperation with the army of The Czech Republic and the non-profit organization called “Armored brigade” this exhibition is dedicated to the post-war development of the army in the region of Chomutov. The majority of the exhibits have never been on display before.
Some of the most interesting artifacts on display are engine fragments from:

  • Model DB606 engine aircraft ME 109
  • Model BMW aircraft FW-190
  • Anti-aircraft rapid-fire 30mm cannon that (was made in 1956)
  • Armored carrier type BRD (that participated the invasion in 1968)

Opening hours:

Period Opening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The opening hours are valid from May till September.

The tickets are sold from the castle reception.

  • Contact:
    • Mr. Tomáš Fajgl: +420 775 076 277
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